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JOURNAL #1: How to Keep it Riel in 2020

Many people look to the start of the new year as a time to cleanse, readjust, and set new goals.  But did you know that long term vision takes recommitting yourself everyday?

 Align your lifestyle with your values and goals

 From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, you are faced with hundreds of choices to make.  Some are more obvious—like waking up to go to work or not.  Others, you may have difficulties making: should I go out for happy hour drinks or should I go to evening yoga with a friend?  Don’t feel pressured to pick either choice.  Although one might seem like the most obvious answer to you, think about how your choice impacts the values and goals you have set for yourself.   When your lifestyle aligns with what you have already committed to, you are heading towards your goals.   I learned to let go of what the world and pop culture dictates to me.  In doing so, I get to focus on what really matters to me.  People are most passionate when what they are working on or talking about is something they love. 

 Find your cheerleaders 

Friends come in all personalities and characters.  That’s amazing—especially for those who have a large group of friends.  You’ll find that these individuals often have a friend for every occasion: for shopping, for crying, for studying etc.  However, no matter how many friends you have, the most important friends are those that uplift you, helping you move closer to your goals.  These are the friends who cry for your failures (not literally) and who cheer when you’re winning.  I’ve always found these types of friends and I could go weeks without talking, but whenever either of us had news, we’d come running to the other to share in our joys or sometimes, sadness.

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 Recommit to your goals weekly or monthly

Don’t wait until January 1st, 2021 to have a hard look at your progress and areas of improvement.  When you have a chance to, self-reflect on what you’re doing wrong and right.  One tip that usually works is setting shorter term goals.  For example, I would set a reminder on my phone every 3 months to have a check-in on how I am doing with my progress.  This kept me accountable and helped me find gaps in my efforts that I could fix earlier on, rather than later...when it might be too late.

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