about rielli

A brand that embodies the "real"ness in you.  We see the beauty in having rare, ethically-made pieces, and that's why every design is cut, sewn and distributed from our living room to your front door. We work with a small team of women who work at the comfort of their own home to hand-make our beautiful, luxury swimwear for you.

about us

Founded by Arielle C Baril in 2019, rielli has made its name around the world as the trendiest, most chic, celeb-loved swimwear. As an International Business graduate with a burning passion for swimwear, Arielle was always motivated to starting her own label. Rielli is deeply inspired by vintage feels, romance, nature and nostalgia. As a Haitian-American woman, she aspires to be a beacon of light for all women, people of color, and entrepreneurs chasing their dreams. Everything made is sold with a piece of our heart and handmade with so much love.