A Miami-based label established by Arielle Claudine Baril. A brand that embodies the "real"ness in you.  We see the beauty in having rare, ethically-made pieces, and that's why every design is cut, sewn and distributed from our living room to your front door. We work with a small team of women who work at the comfort of their own home to hand-make our beautiful, luxury swimwear for you.





Your order will come in 100% compostable packaging: decayed, organic, and plastic-free materials used as a plant fertilizer.  This means once you have your package, the pack and bag can be sustainably disposed.  First, cut out any labels/stickers on the pack/bag.  Then, place them in your food scraps or garden waste to sustainably dispose of them and help us reduce waste. We strongly believe in sustainable practices and making the world a better place for our future generations. 







q. do you do express orders?

a. No, please refer to the information above for order timeframe.  We highly recommenced placing your order 2 weeks prior to date needed.

q. can you modify a swimsuit?

a. No, we do not make any modifications to our signature cuts.

q. can I pick up my order? 

a. No, we currently do not offer customer pick-up services.  All orders are shipped to you.

q. I don't see my size, can you make custom sizes? 

a.  Yes, please email for us to get in touch and record your measurements.

q. are you currently in any stores, I would love to purchase but I want to see try on in person?

a.  You can shop rielli on and