welcome to rielli's fresh new space. where the girls that get it get it. our 'more than swimwear' motto has taken a whole new turn and we are here to give you the best content on the go. scroll for your guide to "rielli"
the ideal rielli girl is like none other, simple and sophisticated.  her swimwear is her  and she always has the soften most supple skin. you know she walks into a room just by her scent. 
1. skin- her priority is her skin.  a minimal yet affective skin care routine is her go-to. FACE: morning: splash of water, serum, moisturizer + sunscreen. a hint of cream blush, eyebrow gel and lip balm is all she'll ever need.  night: gentle cleanser, serum and lastly, moisturizer. BODY: sugar scrub and moisturizer shower gel, scented body cream and she's good to go 
2. hair- she may be busy but she has time for a sleek pony. she'll most likely lather her hair with a hair mask and sleek it into a bun. a little hair perfume for the final touch. BONUS: silk scrunchies for the win, the ultimate clean girl aesthetic.
3. nails- A fresh, natural manicure doesn't mean neutral colors. Get bold with a clean bright red "Ferrari Red" to be specific.  You will not regret it for your go-to summer nails.
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